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Book Blitz: Foxgloves by Ashlee Maza

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Today is the release day for Foxgloves by Ashlee Maza!

Title: Foxgloves
Author: Ashlee Maza
Publisher: The Book Patch
Genre: Psychological thriller
Number of pages: 214

Photo Courtesy of @foxxgloves

About the Book

Debut novelist, Ashlee Maza, writes a bewildering psychological thriller that “treads dangerous waters fearlessly” (Book Patch, starred rating). Maza traverses the pivotal agony of mental instability, incessant trauma, and coming of age. This poetically somber fiction manifests an atmosphere for the clever and abstract twist that inevitably sticks to the psyche. “Foxgloves” feels as if it is tied to classic literary roots saturated with modern woes. With such a small, fast-paced book, it packs deep and weathering assessments of the darkness that lies within being human. 

Unwilling to seek growth, Jazz (artist) musters enough energy day by day to merely exist in the insane asylum: wake up, smoke, draw, sleep. Amber (muse) swipes all of Jazz’s attention the day they meet. With such gorgeous distractions, her heart doesn’t allow her head to speak up, and she begins making detrimental choices that blur her once definite lines. 

Jazz thinks people are sent to perish at this hospital. She is constantly questioning if anyone is doing their job. Her doctors finally come out of the shadows, and for her, that means torment and trauma. She is done tolerating the system that has proven to fail many patients before her. When all she desires is to find a new life — one that isn’t hunting her — the woods remind her that recent demons lurk nearby. Escaping the hospital means facing what she ran from, head on and alone.

About The Author

Photo Courtesy of @foxxgloves

Arizona-based author, Ashlee Maza, debuts her first novel, “Foxgloves”, where uncomfortable themes of honesty and humility bring normal human behavior into question in this fictional novel.

Her inspirations of nature and heartbreak are palpable as her writing thrills and suspends her audience. She concentrates in lyrical and poetic writing, which creates strangeness, tension, and emotion for her readers. Ashle enjoys capturing “weird” in her writing. 

Just before graduating, Ashlee attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where inspiration for “Foxgloves” struck. While she worked as a journalist at the local news station, she began writing “Foxgloves”. Ashlee moved to Phoenix to finish her degree at Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

If Ashlee isn’t writing in some form, she will be found with her husband and daughter, Tylar and Ember, taking photos, listening to music, or enjoying time in nature. She has a vibrant passion for helping others learn how to sing and write too. Ashlee is constantly working on new projects, like her first children’s book series, and her next novel.

You can follow Ashlee on her website, Instagram, Instagram (Author).


Happy Reading, x

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