Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL: Corporate Armageddon by Gauri Shanbhag Wagle

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I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of the revealing for Corporate Armageddon’s book cover! Thank you to Gauri for this opportunity!

Title: Corporate Armageddon
Author: Gauri Shanbhag Wagle
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Number of pages: 559

About The Author:

I am an HR professional working remotely in the capacity of an HR and a Corporate communications manager, for an educational centre in Mumbai called ‘The Learners hub’. I am in charge of Recruitment as well as Training and developmental activities for my employees. I am currently also involved in activities associated with Brand management.

I have 8 years of experience in Recruitment as well as in facilitating Training and developmental activities for my employees. I was instrumental in setting up a Training department in my previous mid-sized organization thus fostering a learning environment conducive for skill enhancement and personality development.

I describe myself as a “People’s person” who values relationships and has an affinity for people. I love learning new things and acquiring new skill-set which would contribute towards my overall growth.

I have a penchant for fiction writing as well as non-fiction.  In the non-fiction category, my forte lies in writing “self help” books and soon I would come up with my book on negative Human traits, in which I would elaborate on how to deal with these traits.  

 In the fiction category, I write novels as well as short stories  with which readers would be able to   connect instantly. Apart from writing, I love to explore a myriad of hobbies like Reading, Dancing, Singing, Acting-Dramatics….

I am the proud mother of a bright Ten year old son and the proud wife of Mr Maheshwar Wagle who is  a  successful Finance professional  working for  a healthcare company.

My other books which I would soon publish:

1) I am working on a novel which is a story about a girl suffering from a rare health problem. I am half way through my story
2) I am editing my non-fiction book on Negative human traits which I would soon be publishing on different online platforms.

Currently, I write about different professions and the job prospects for each profession, on my author website , so that youngsters gain knowledge about the plethora of career options before them.

You can follow Gauri on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Twitter and Linkedin.


Happy Reading, x

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