Read Your Bookshelf – 2020 Reading Challenge

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As always, I am a little late to the game with this reading challenge, but considering we have 6 months left this year, I believe I may be able to still complete this challenge, as well as catch up with the months I missed!

If you would like to complete this challenge with me, you can find out more here – Chantel Klassen.

Each month, I will be posting an update on which books I chose, why I chose that book, and the plan for the next month. To catch up, I am planning on covering the following challenges over the following months;

  • January and June
  • February and July
  • March and August
  • April and September
  • May and October
  • November
  • December

January and June

January – Read a book with a colour in the title – I had read The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory earlier this year, so this months challenge has been completed! I had chosen The White Queen as I had binge watched the White Queen DVD Series, and wanted to find out more information about how the Woodville’s came into power, as well as the rise of the Tudor line.

June – Read a book with a place in the title – I will be reading Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. I haven’t read this book within a few years, so it will be interesting to re-read it again!

I will provide a further update later in the month! Let me know in the comments if you are joining in with the challenge!

Happy Reading:)

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