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ARC Book Review: The Guest by Cathryn Grant

I was given the amazing opportunity to read The Guest by Cathryn Grant, in the exchange of an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and Inkubator Books.

Plot outline: She told him to make himself at home. He did. Life has been good to Ellie – she owns a successful art gallery, is deeply in love with her husband, Seth, and has two beautiful children, Brandon and Simone.    

But not everything is perfect… 

Lately, Seth seems to have something on his mind and has become cold and distant. And things don’t improve when he invites the mysterious stranger Ace to stay in their home. 

Ace is charming, but Ellie can’t help feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye, that he has some kind of agenda. She’s also aware that she is dangerously attracted to him.  

Then a girl at Brandon’s school is murdered, and Ellie is beyond devastated when the police tell her they think her son might be involved. 

Ellie knows in her heart that Brandon is innocent and she feels certain that Ace is somehow connected to the disturbing things that are happening. She starts to dig for the truth and uncovers the terrible secret that will change her life in ways she can’t imagine…

My review: Please be aware, there are spoilers in this review!!

The Guest does start off a little bit slow. But there are valid reasons why!! When the book starts, you know someone has been murdered, the girl from Brandon’s school, and as the police are investigating this murder, Ellie starts to discover that her whole life is about to fall apart.

When Ellie’s husband, Seth, invites a guest to stay in their guest suite, it also comes out that Seth had lost his job a few months before, and hadn’t told Ellie. Brandon becomes a suspect in the girls murder, and is taken in for questioning. During this time, Ace, the guest staying with the family becomes friendly with Brandon, almost like a step in father figure, as Seth clearly distastes Brandon.

Towards the end of the book, things started to pick up and became so much more interesting. During this whole time so far, I had thought that either Brandon or Seth had murdered the young girl ……

that’s what the book wants you to believe!

Ellie (out of guilt) told the police that Ace murdered the young girl after she slept with him and wanted Ace out of the house, after she found out that Ace was only just released from prison from murdering someone. Police questioned Ace and he returned back to the house to pack his bags and leave. Ellie then found a camera hiding in her bedroom, and in the guest room where Ace was sleeping – which by the way, filmed Ellie cheating on her husband!!!!!!!! After some digging around, Ellie found out that Seth was trying to get full custody of their daughter, Simone, and was willing to do anything for custody!

Well, ladies and gents, by this point, I was on the edge of my seat, not caring about my tea going stone cold. I had to find out what was going to happen!

Ellie figured out that Seth was going to plan to murder Ellie, and on the night that it was going to happen, Ellie ended up murdering Seth. In the last few chapters, it becomes clear that Ellie has done many things to protect her children, especially Brandon. Ellie had also murdered Brandon’s father, making it look like an accident whilst they were redecorating their house.

In the Epilogue, you find out that Ellie murdered the young girl for bullying Brandon. Although it was a bit far fetched, it just highlighted how far a mothers love could go.

Recommend and rating: 3* – Overall, I genuinely enjoyed this book, but mainly the ending. It was difficult to stay with this book in the beginning as the story was slow to start up, and there were some chapters that looking back don’t really have much point to the story?

Genre: General fiction/mystery and thriller
Kindle edition
Release date: 24th May 2020

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