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Book Review: Nutsi Moon by Emma Paidge

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Plot outline: NUTSI has a terrible secret. He asks his friend Lili for help. Join the two little squirrels in a beautiful story with the funny stuffed hazelnut.

My Review: Little Nutsi is very cute!! After a night where he was afraid of the dark, Nutsi, along with his friend, Lili, waits high up in a tree to take the moon back home with them. But after falling from the tree, his grandmother finds them due to their crying, and takes them back home. Once home, grandmother leaves Nutsi a candle, so he won’t be afraid of the dark no more!

This is such a sweet book, which will sooth and comfort many children, who are afraid of the dark! The illustrations throughout the book are absolutely amazing! This is a brilliant book!

Recommendation: I would recommend this book.

My Rating: 4*

  • Genre: Children’s book
  • Publisher: Self-published
  • Approximate Page Number: 32
  • Kindle Edition
  • Amazon link

Emma also won an Author Interview from completing in the Easter Competition, and you can see that here!

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