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Book Review: Country By Danielle Steel

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20190421_165556.jpgPlot outline: Stephanie Adam’s life has just changed in an instant. After years of an unhappy marriage, and three kids grown, her husband passes away suddenly. Despite her grief and regrets, she can begin to think about what might come next for her.

Returning from a weekend away, Stephanie finds herself on the road to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and new adventures. A friendly stranger turns out to be country music megastar Chase Taylor, and he is only too happy to sweep Stephanie up on his travels.

From Vegas to Nashville, a brand new world opens up to her. Should she return to her empty house, or take a risk with someone new?

My Review: I am a huge fan of Danielle Steel, and I was really shocked that I missed this book coming out, and only discovered this book this month.

The book starts with Stephanie being on holiday with her husband and mutual friends, and when her husband passes away unexpectedly, Stephanie doesn’t know how to react or think. On a journey home, Stephanie stops at the Grand Canyon, where she meets a guy who hands her tickets to a show in Las Vegas. Stephanie goes to the show and realises that her is Chase Taylor, a popular country singer.

Giving way to all her past feelings and uncertainty, Stephanie follows Chase while he is on tour, and feelings grow between them.

This book explored feelings of an unhappy life that was transformed into a life that Stephanie had always dreamed of. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole heartbreak, finding of life and love.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book.

My Rating: 4*

  • Genre: Country & Western Music
  • Publisher: Transworld Digital
  • Approximate Page Number: 337
  • ISBN Number: (Kindle) 059306898X
  • Amazon link: Country – Amazon

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