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Day 2 – Blog Challenge – My Favourite T.V. Programmes

2Day 2 for the blog challenge is to write about my favourite TV programmes, which is perfect because I absolutely love my TV! As much as I love books, and reading, I do enjoy a few programmes. These are:

  • NCIS – Out of all the NCIS programmes, I only prefer the original with Gibbs (Mark Harmon). As well as being about investigating Navy murders, deaths, kidnapping, through each season, the viewers get to discover more about each of the characters. It’s also interesting about Gibb’s ‘Rules’. p13140294_ce_h9_aa
  • Criminal Minds / Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour – Same as with NCIS, I liked the original version, not only because of the story line, but because of how the characters are portrayed. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour was only aired for one season, but should without a doubt come back again one day!
  • I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here! – This year I’m A Celeb was hosted by Dec and Holly, and was absolutely hilarious! The trails and contestants were funny this year, and kept me laughing the whole way through.
  • The Secret Life Of The Zoo – I am a huge lover of animals, big or small, and love watching all about how the different species and animals from Colchester Zoo are looked after.


  • The Big Bang Theory – I am absolutely gutted that the current season will be the last of The Big Bang Theory! Without a doubt, out of the whole cast, Sheldon is my favourite!


  • Ghost Adventures – I have been watching Ghost Adventures for almost as long as they have been aired. Zak Bagans is the lead investigator and goes round with his team (Arron, Joe, Billy) to investigate places or areas that have had supernatural activity to try and either prove or debunk these activities.


Happy Reading 🙂


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