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Book Review: Tomahawks And Tembleque By Milady Zafiro

Plot outline: Starting over, the dream of many and the reality of a few.

Abigail Echevarría flies from the warmth of the Caribbean to the cold land of Canada in search of fortune. Challenging herself to find a job in thirty days, Abigail wants to become the designer of her destiny–and throw away her return flight ticket. She thinks she has it all figured out. That is until a handsome Native American crosses her path and shakes off her plans with a hair flip.

Oz Blackmane is living a life he doesn’t want. He has a stable job, a loving family and his whole life its ahead of him. Nevertheless, he feels like something is missing. Not wanting to return to his old habits, Oz finds a breath of fresh air in an awkward girl he saw a streetlight. Maybe, Abigail is exactly what Oz needs to get out of his rut.

Resilient to fall in love, Abigail soon discovers that resisting the charms of sexy and determined Oz its easier said than done.

My Review: When I started this book, I instantly felt a connection with Abigail, as she wonders through the streets trying to start a new life for herself, when she is suddendly faced with the handsome Oz.

It’s hard not to fall in love with them both as they discover and take the time to get know get other. As I went through the book, I found there was an air of mystery through each page, which left me on the edge of my seat, wanting more. I am looking forward to reading the next book of the series!

Recommendation: Highly recommend.

My Rating: 5*


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