November TBR Wrap-Up


November TBR Wrap-Up

November was such a crazy month for me! I had essays due for my degree, so spent most of the beginning of the month studying and had a really busy patch at work as well. I always find that this time of year always goes so fast, and before you know it, it is January 2019!

Anyway! On to my Wrap-Up. I only managed to read three books in November;

  1. Dark Places By Gillian Flynn – This book was really different. Having some time between reading, writing the review and writing this blog post, the first word I can think of is ….WEIRD! Dark Places is quite dark for a psychological thriller and really makes you think the whole way through. I steadily read this book throughout the month, as there were days when I just couldn’t read any further than a few pages. You can read the review here.
  2. The Fixer: The Naked Man By Jill Rosenblatt – The Fixer: The Naked Man was so full of mystery that I was on the edge of my seat, as I went through each page. Jill has a unique and remarkable way of bringing the action straight out the page, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this book was turned into a film! You can read the review here.
  3. Accidentally Entangled By VR Baucke – This book! I absolutely loved Accidentally Entangled and read it within a few days. I loved the way VR Baucke wrote the chapters, are they were written in the perspective of both the main characters. My favourite part of the book was at the very end, as the whole story was wrapping up with a perfect ending. I haven’t enjoyed a book that much in a long time. Accidentally Entangled was also chosen as November’s Book of The Month! You can read the review here.

I was also meant to read Tomahawks and Tembleque By Milady Zafiro, but time completely went past me, so this review will be coming out in December. To see what other TBR i have lined up for December, click here.

As well as having a list of TBR, I will also be setting myself goals at the beginning of each month. Due to this month being so busy for work and for Christmas, I will only be setting one goal for December. My goal for this month, which is to complete all my TBR pile!!

Happy Reading! 🙂




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