The Versatile Blogger Award


What a huge surprise!! Thank you so much Rejitha for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! If you haven’t followed her already, you can follow Rejitha’s blog here. Similarly to Rejitha, I am an amateur in blogging, I actually started a month ago today! But everyone in the blogging community have been so kind and helpful in everyway.

Like all awards, the Versatile Blogger Award has some rules.

  • Once you are nominated by a fellow blogger, you are a recipient of the award.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog back in your post.
  • Find fifteen fellow bloggers and nominate them for The Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Make a post revealing seven unknown facts about you.
  • Include the above-mentioned rules in your award post.

On to the revealing seven unknown facts about me!

  1. This is going to sound pretty horrible, but I absolutely love cucumber dipped in tomato ketchup!
  2. I adore my dog, Bertie, so much! He is an American Cocker Spaniel and is 18 months old, and my whole apartment is covered in photos of him growing up! He is my world! He was also named after Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband).
  3. I am the youngest of five siblings (three brothers, one sister).
  4. I am a huge history geek! I have always been fascinated about ancient Egypt, and plan to one day go see the pyramids and see the famous library in Cairo. I like watching documentaries about King Tut most, or Cleopatra.
  5. I used to take ballet lessons when I was younger, and got through to 3r Grade. I had always wanted to become a dancer in the Ballet, The Nutcracker.
  6. I wouldn’t be where I am now, without the help and support of my best friend, Mike. Over the past couple of years, Mike has inspired me to reach for what I want to do in life, and I would be lost without him! Thank you Mike! 😀
  7. I am ADDICTED to tea! I am huge lover of tea!

I found it difficult finding seven unknown facts about me, as I am pretty much an open book! But I hope you enjoyed my facts.

Here are my nominations:

  • Malanie @mlovesfiction
  • India @BellesLettres5
  • Amy Harris @fleurdubelle
  • Shalini @book_rambler
  • Molly Rose @mindofmollyblog
  • Asanda Ntini @AsandaNtini
  • Nikhat @ItsNikhat
  • Rumaanah @Rumsthereader
  • Tam @thebingespot
  • Hayden @DPaperbacks
  • Kate @cakeandcoast
  • Tiffany Chiang @readbytiffany
  • Marie @dh_books
  • Amanda @mankaa23
  • Han @SH_anonletters

Happy blogging!! 😀

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