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The Angel Wears Prana By Melissa Lewis Review

Plot outline: The Angel Wears Prana is an autobiography. Melissa Lewis is a Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Mom in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her adventurous nature and strong will have led her to overcome lifelong physical and emotional challenges. She shares her knowledge and experiences to help others overcome others facing difficult issues. She holds a business degree in marketing, has worked at luxury resorts and spas for 20 years, has coached professionally for a top ten Fortune 500 company, lives for travel and swears by minimalism.

My Review: The Angel Wears Prana is a deeply intense biography, where Melissa shares her challenges throughout her life, but also explaining how she overcame them. From the beginning of the book, Melissa invites the reader into her life, describing her ancestors and immediate family, both before and after Melissa came into the world.

As I read through Melissa’s life, it was clear from the beginning that she had a deeper connection to the world around her, and that she wasn’t afraid to speak up. Within Melissa’s early twenties, through a bereavement, she discovered spirituality and the universe, and discovered how she could put these energies into practise through her life experiences, from college to adulthood. When faced with a difficult challenge, Melissa faced them head on.

Towards the middle of book, when Melissa was describing her new husband, their life together, the decision to have children, really struck a cord for me. Marriage and having children is no small feat, and it is always really interesting when I read about the parents perspectives and struggles. For someone (me) who is not married or have children, I don’t know what that part of life is like, but Melissa was totally honest and upfront about how she felt about each situation she came across, and I have not seen that often.

By the end of The Angel Wears Prana, my eyes were open to the existence of me and my surroundings. It made me think about different experiences and life situations in another light. I would definitely recommend this book, most especially to those starting out on their spiritual journey.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book!

My Rating: 4*


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