Hey there, and welcome! 

The majority of this blog will be about books, as I am huge book lover! My ambition one day is to have my very own library like in Beauty and The Beast …. a girl can dream right?!

I like to read book genres that cover romance, thriller, psychological thrillers, mystery, murders and even cook books. I started this blog before under a different name, The Book Addict Blog, which was entirely about books reviews. However, I have decided to open up my blog to further subjects and interests!

A little about me …..

I am Shanon and I live with my pup Bertie, who is the most handsome Cocker Spaniel in the world. I work in a Secondary School as a Teaching Assistant!

In my spare time, I blog when I can, although I am only just returning after a looooong break, and also volunteer at Dover Castle as a Great Tower Explainer. This is also where I met my partner, Andrew! Life in my household is busy, just the same as everyone else’s! There’s rooms to clean, places to go, people to see, pup to walk, and of course, books to read!! 

As part of this blog, I am also going to be adding in some of Andrew’s and I adventures of the different places that we go to. I hope you enjoy following us, and me on this journey of life.

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You can also follow my journey through Twitter – Shanon Yeo.